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Not everyone has a lot of time, expertise as well as the equipment it takes to keep their garden landscape picture-perfect. That's where The Grounds Masters comes in. Welcome to The Grounds Masters, where we help to keep your grounds and yard weed-free! Our specialty is weed prevention in landscapes—which means that we can control all existing weeds and prevent future problems for any landscape in the Knoxville, TN.

The Grounds Masters is a local, family-owned and operated a business in Knoxville, TN. We provide a wide range of services from weed control, custom fertilizers, turf pest elimination, tree diagnostics and treatments, and sterilization of trees and much more.

With over 15 years of experience, all of The Grounds Masters employees are committed to professionalism, excellence and top quality work. The Grounds Masters takes great pride in providing each and every customer with personalized care and the highest quality work available. Whether your garden is in residential or commercial areas of Knoxville, we offer quality weed control at unbeatable rates that suit your pockets as well as taste. Landscaping for a Knoxville home is a never-ending project—especially in regards to the abundance of weeds that thrive. The Grounds Masters can assist to make the homeowner's job easier by using pre-emergent herbicides as well as follow-up post-emergent herbicides to keep the yard weed-free. Our organic weed killer techniques and sprays make sure that the weed is completely eliminated from your garden. We take pride in offering six months to 1-year applications to ensure that any kinds of future problems within our warranty period are our responsibility, not yours.